Motorsports; A World Of Fun!


As the name suggests, this is a sport that involve that use of motor vehicles. Some of these include motorboats, motorcycles and automobiles. In motorsport, you’re likely to come across a group of professional motorcycle riders who participate in motorcycle racing that includes motocross or racing off-road.

There has been an increase in the number of people getting involved in motorsport of late. Leading the pack in this case are graduate and undergraduate students looking for fun ways to spend their time. There are, however, other non-racing motorsport events such as regularity rally, gymkhana and motorcycle trials that have proved to be a force to reckon with in the motorsport industry.

The first step in joining motorsport and being part of the action is choosing the right type of motorsport suitable for you and finding a relevant club. For example, in Australia, you ought to get yourself a CAMS card if the club that you choose is affiliated to CAMS. Moreover, you’ll be required to use that card in any CAMS sanctioned motorsport event.

Secondly, due to the availability of various events, you ought to choose the most suitable option where you intend to race. In this case, you can obtain sprint or race licenses in order to participate in a motorsport race event in Australia. If you intend to participate in a nationwide race, then, you need to get yourself a nationwide CAMS license that will cover for most of the Australian motorsport circuits. In other words, you have the option of either choosing the sprint license called level 2S or the Race license for Provisional Clubman Circuit.

Recording the fun that comes with the motorsport action with an HD action camera is the perfect way of reliving the most exciting motorsport event that you participated or attended. Remember, different cameras and mounts can only fit certain disciplines of motorsports. Hence, you ought to know the kind of footage that you want and from which perspective that you intend to capture it. The type of headgear that you’ll use will determine the right camera for your event. For example, you can use a goggle strap to fix your Drift HD camera.

With these in place, one can be assured of the best motorsport experience. Whether you are a student or a career individual, Motorsport is bound to elicit some nostalgia that will make you want to play, depending on the type of motorsport you choose to go for. Motorsports are a great way to have fun with your friends or family, or just to blow off a bit of steam after a challenging day.

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